FS Hosts Employee Halloween Costume Party, Turning the Office into a Playground

Updated on Nov 1, 2022

It's that time of year again: Halloween! FS United States embraced the Halloween spirit and held an employee Halloween party on the 31th. All U.S. employees dressed up in their unique and interesting Halloween costumes to welcome this global magic carnival. Take a look at the joy they were able to bring with creativity and fun!

Halloween is a magical festival that can bring together characters from different worlds. For example, there are animals like bumblebee, OG Sorcerer from games, Alice from the world of Wonderland, and Hermione from Harry Potter. This magical group will definitely go through more fantastic experiences.

Halloween Party

The following group dressed up as a switch, a Nintendo Switch, not a switch from FS.com. Members worked well together, making this combination a good match. Their costumes seem to bring Mario to the real world.


"I’d definitely say the costume contest is the best part of Halloween. It's really nice to get to see everyone's creativity behind their costumes. Thanks to FS employee Halloween costume party, the dreariness of the mundane is transformed into a super-special delightful day." said Tao Zhang, the general manager of FS North America.

The Halloween costume party will pick the top 3 individual costumes and group costumes. Follow @FSCOM_official to find out which one or which group becomes the winner.

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