FS Launches 25G ToR Switches for DCs and Enterprise

Updated on Aug 4, 2020

Jan 14th, FS News – FS has announced the official launch of the 25G data center top of rack (ToR) switch - S5850-24T16B. Developed for data centers, enterprises and campus networks, this 25G switch has rich data center characteristics and high-performance capability, which enables more computing bandwidth and improved storage efficiency.

The S5850-24T16B 25G Ethernet switch, with 24×10/100/1000BASE-T ports and 16× SFP28 ports, is designed to address the increasing bandwidth demands in data centers, Metro and HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure). It supports 1G / 10G / 25G ports which facilitates flexible deployment of networks and fully meets the high-density access requirement of data centers. S5850-24T16B has complete L2/L3 switching capability and supports rich security and reliability mechanisms. The main parameters are listed as following.

Product Description Throughput Forwarding Rate Latency Operating System
S5850-24T16B 848 Gbps 400 Mpps 700ns FS OS

25 Gigabit Ethernet is progressing substantially, making it compelling to upgrade to 25 GbE with superior performance value and minimal infrastructure expenditure. FS is committed to provide customers with a complete 25G Ethernet solution and is refining the 25G product line with FS N-series 25G SDN switches for open-networking data centers, 25G optical transceivers, 25G DACs and AOCs. The future of Ethernet is started with 25G and FS has your back!

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