FS S5860 Series L3 Fully Managed Pro Enterprise Switch Overview

Updated on Mar 17, 2022

FS S5860 switches

To meet the growing needs for reliable, flexible and scalable networks, FS offers S5860 series enterprise switches that have three models, namely S5860-20SQ, S5860-24XB-U, and S5860-48SC. These enterprise switches come with advanced hardware and comprehensive functions to ensure better and easier network solutions for both campus, SMB and data center network applications.

S5860 Series Switch Options

Here are some basic specifications of the three S5860 switch models. If you want to know more about FS S5860 series switch, such as mounting and management, please check this blog FS S5860 Series L3 Fully Managed Pro Switches Introduction and FAQ.

Switch Model S5860-20SQ S5860-24XB-U S5860-48SC
RJ45 Ports / 24x 100M/1000M/2.5G/5G/10GBase-T RJ45 /
SFP+ Ports 20x 1G/10G SFP+ 4x 1G/10G SFP+ 48x 1G/10G SFP+
25G/40G/100G Ports 4x 10G/25G SFP28, 2x 40G QSFP+ 4x 10G/25G SFP28 8x 40G/100G QSFP28
Switch Chip Broadcom BCM56170 Broadcom BCM56170 Broadcom BCM56873
PoE+ / PoE++ (Max. 760W) /
Switch Capacity 760 Gbps 760 Gbps 2.56 Tbps
Forwarding Rate 565 Mpps 565 Mpps 1904 Mpps
Flash Memory 1GB 1GB 8GB (EMMC)
Airflow Front-to-Back Front-to-Back & Left-to-Back Front-to-Back
Management Layer Layer 3 Managed
Power Supply 1+1 Redundancy
Physical Stacking Up to 2 units (same model/same series)

Highlights of FS S5860 Series Enterprise Switches

Advanced Hardware Design

FS S5860 series managed enterprise switches are equipped with BCM56170/BCM56873 Broadcom switch chip, ensuring high switching capacity, industry-leading data processing, and stable performance. All S5860 series switches have passed the Ixia test to guarantee your high-performance network. Besides, the S5860 series enterprise switches utilize next-generation energy-saving circuit design and components to save energy and reduce noise pollution.

Various Types of Switch Ports

Various types of switch ports allow you to connect to more devices at multiple rates (10G/5G/2.5G/1G). You can also connect S5860 series managed enterprise switches to uplink devices through high-performance 10G/25G/40G/100G ports, fully meeting diverse requirements for high-density access and high-performance convergence.

Industrial Leading PoE++ Features

Different from the traditional PoE+ switches that supply power up to 30W per port, the S5860 series layer 3 enterprise switches (S5860-24XB-U) can support power up to 90W per port. Compliant with 802.3bt standard, the S5860 series switches with PoE++ features can dramatically improve the existing PoE power supply performance and work well with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology.

Comprehensive Functions and Policies

S5860 series Ethernet switches come with a variety of functions and policies that help users realize various network design needs and get a better operation experience.

IPv4/IPv6 Dual-Stack Multilayer Switching

S5860 series switches support line-rate IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack multi-layer switching and can differentiate and process IPv4 and IPv6 protocol packets. This allows users to build networks in a more flexible way by choosing the most suitable routing protocol, and make desired data transmission possible.

Physical Stacking

S5860 series switches support physical stacking with the same models or mixed stacking with different models. For example, two S5860-20SQ switches can be stacked, and one S5860-20SQ and one S5860-24XB-U also can be stacked. The switch stack can be managed as one logical switch, allowing users to improve work efficiency and enjoy simple network management.

Rich Security Policies

FS S5860 series switches provide a variety of mechanisms to prevent bugs and hacker attacks such as anti-DoS attacks, hacker IP scanning, illegal ARP packet checking, and multiple ACL strategies. Other security policies like DHCP snooping, IP-based Telnet access control, hardware-based IPv6 ACL, SSH, and SNMPv3, etc., can effectively protect users' network from attacks, thus creating a safer network environment.

Abundant QoS Policies

QoS (Quality of Service) allows enterprise switches to prioritize traffic or data flow so that more important data can be handled first. FS S5860 series enterprise switches provide abundant QoS policies to classify and control traffic such as IP traffic, MAC traffic, and application traffic, ensuring timely and efficient processing of critical network traffic.

High Reliability Design

S5860 series enterprise switches offer a series of high availability features to ensure stable networks.

STP (Spanning-tree Protocols) help switch to improve fault tolerance capabilities and ensure network stability.

RLDP (Realtek Loop Detection Protocol) allows quick link connectivity detection and unidirectional link detection of optical fiber links, allowing you to solve network problems quickly.

REUP (Rapid Ethernet Uplink Protection Protocol) can provide quick link redundancy and millisecond fault recovery.

Except for the network protection protocols, FS S5860 series enterprise switches also support equipment-level protection. The redundant power modules and fan modules are hot-swappable, which means the normal operations of your devices won't be affected if one of the modules fails or is removed. And automatic fan speed adjustment is available to ensure better adaptation to the environment.

User-Friendly Operation Experience

S5860 series switches provide diverse but simple network maintenances for users. They support SNMP (managed by Zabbix), RMON, log and configuration backup via USB for routine network diagnosis. And there are multiple methods such as Syslog, CLI, Web-based management, Telnet, SSH, Openflow, Netconf for network administrators to manage their devices easier.

Typical Applications of S5860 Series Switches

With excellent hardware and software functions, FS S5860 series managed switches can suit diverse large-scale campus network aggregations, small and medium-sized network cores to meet the needs of high-speed, safe, intelligent enterprise networks.

Scenario 1

FS S5860 series enterprise switches can be used for the access or aggregation of small and medium campus networks. Take the S5860-24XB-U PoE++ switch as an example. It has 24x 100M/1000M/2.5G/5G/10G multi-gigabit ports that can connect to high-speed Wi-Fi 6 APs, IP phones, servers, NAS, PCs, etc. Its 10G/25G and 40G ports can form 10G/25G access-to-aggregation and 40G aggregation-to-core high-bandwidth links to meet the users’ growing needs.

Scenario 2

In large campus networks, S5860 series managed switches also can be deployed as aggregation switch to provide 10G bandwidth for access equipment, and 40G aggregation-to-core high-bandwidth link. Here is an example where the S5860-48SC switch is used as an aggregation switch in a campus network.

Scenario 3

FS S5860 series enterprise switches also can be used as core switches in 10-Gigabit core switches in small and medium-sized enterprises. As shown in the following diagram, the S5860-20SQ is deployed as a core switch, which supports different interface speeds for multiple devices as well as network expansion.


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