FS Introduced a Variety of New Data Center Solutions

Updated on Apr 12, 2021

June 6th, Shenzhen. FS News – FS recently introduced new MPO/MTP cabling solutions, colored IEC power cords solutions and keyed LC connectivity solutions to help you build a more efficient , secure and stable data center.

Today’s complex, interconnected data center is the nexus of nearly every growing business. Like the users it supports, your data center must be efficient and agile, intelligent, cost-effective and future-ready. To satisfy these data center design requirement, FS introduced a series of advanced data center solutions, mainly including MPO/MTP cabling solutions, colored IEC power cords solutions and keyed LC connectivity solutions.

MPO/MTP Cabling Solution
MPO/MTP Cabling Solution
Colored IEC Power Cords Solution
Colored IEC Power Cords Solution

MPO/MTP Cabling Solution

MPO/MTP is the designated interface for multimode 40/100G and it’s backward-compatible with legacy 1G/10G applications as well. With 40G and 100G being widely used in data center, MPO/MTP cabling solutions provide a favorable transition for 10G and 40/100G. Besides, its small, high-density form factor is ideal with higher-speed Ethernet equipment. FS MPO/MTP cabling solutions include MTP/MPO patch cables, cassettes and patch panels. All perform well to ensure a stable data center interconnection.

Colored IEC Power Cords Solution

In the high-tech data center environment, every inch matters but what matters most is consistent, constant power supply. Data center pathways are often tightly packed with cabling, making it difficult to distinguish between cables. Now we introduced varieties of colored IEC60320 power cords, which allow for easy identification of power paths, manageability of main and redundant power sources, more efficient and streamlined installation, reduction in maintenance time, and the more obvious benefit of giving your server room a clean and organized appearance.

Keyed LC Connectivity Solution

To satisfy the requirement of secure data center building, we also introduced a series of keyed LC connectivity solutions, which allows manageable and easily identifiable network segregation by using of a range of physically unique keyed connector and adapter combinations. Networks can effectively be limited to certain groups, access levels or customers in a co-location environment. This provides an increased level of security and stability by protecing against incorrect pathing of circuits.

In order to continuously meet customer needs and expectations, FS is always on the way! Besides above three data center solutions, we also provide other solutions for your data center deployment. For more details, please visit www.fs.com or contact over sales@fs.com.

FS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic subsystems, components and solutions. With last four years growing, we have built our strong and professional teams in optical communication product R&D, systematic solution and supply chain management. Nowadays, we are doing business with more and more worldwide well-known corporations like CloudFlare, EXFO, Apple, MRV, JDSU, ADTRAN, Avago, EMC, etc., who have put large volume of our products into production for their Data Center or Cloud Computing application and speak highly of our service and products. We will be working together with our customers, partners and co-workers to benefit them more and contribute more to the global popularity of optical communication.


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