FS Opens New Warehouse in Moscow, Russia to Shorten the Delivery Time for Local Customers

Updated on Mar 26, 2022

January 6th, FS News - FS is delighted to announce the opening of its new warehouse in Moscow, Russia to ramp up delivery services for local customers with a view to elevating the user experience and localization construction to a higher level.

After a long period of preparation and construction, FS new warehouse is finally operating successfully. For the moment, the facility holds a large stock of optical modules and cables popular in the Russian market which can be shipped out quickly via local logistics companies once Russian customers place orders at FS.com. Specifically speaking, deliveries to Moscow and its environs usually only take 1-3 working days and remote areas 3-5 days, which helps to improve customer project efficiencies. Moreover, product returns and refunds can be more convenient to bring customers carefree shopping experiences.

FS set up its Russian branch in 2018 and built a supporting warehouse in late 2020, which makes another big step forward in globalization and also shows an important move of localization. Over the years, FS has been living up to the development strategy of tight integration of globalization and localization summarized as “3S+3C”. Through “Service, Supply, Scope” and “Capability, Compliance, Citizenship”, FS fully utilizes and allocates superior resources globally to offer high-quality products and solutions for 400,000 customers in over 200 countries & regions based on 12 multilingual websites. Meanwhile, FS always abides by local laws and regulations, holds itself to the highest standards of business ethics, and actively participates in the local community to assume corporate social responsibilities.

All industries have been profoundly affected by the raging epidemic, yet FS managed to integrate the Russian warehouse into its global warehouse layout, including those in Germany, the United States, Asia, Australia, and Singapore. FS believes that when localization is achieved to the full it can more easily seize the opportunities in globalization and serve customers’ networking needs with stronger capabilities.

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