FS 100G Switches and Optics Solution

Updated on Jul 20, 2022

FS 100G Data Center Switches

As the highly dynamic cloud data center networks are continuing to evolve, many new protocols and server technologies have been introduced, which accelerates the need for dense 100G Ethernet switching in both leaf and spine tiers of modern networks. Under these circumstances, FS currently launches S Series and N Series 100G switches, which are built for high-density network performance, thereby meeting the requirements of hyperscale data centers and large enterprises.


FS 100G Switches for High-performance 100G Connectivity

FS S Series 100G Switches

The FS S Series 100G Switches mainly include four configurations: S5860-48SC, S8050-20Q4C, S5850-48S2Q4C, and S8550-32C. They are high-performance Ethernet switches, coming with system software with comprehensive protocols and applications to facilitate rapid service deployment and management for both traditional L2/L3 networks and data center networks.

Besides, all the FS 100G S Series switches are designed with 100G QSFP28 uplinks, which enable flexible choices of port speed providing unparalleled flexibility and the ability to seamlessly transition data centers to the next generation of Ethernet performance.

S Series Switches

FS N Series 100G Switches

N5860-48SC, N8550-32C, N8550-48B8C, N8560-48BC and N8560-32C are five N Series 100G switches on FS.com. These N series 100G switches support either 100G standard Ethernet interfaces or 100G uplink ports, which are ideal for data centers of all sizes, large enterprise networks, and cloud computing services with high performance and low latency, combined with zero packet loss, and non-blocking performance for lossless Ethernet.

What's more, the N series 100G switches support current and future data center requirements, including an x86-based control plane for easier integration of automation tools. To learn more information about FS 100G switches, please read FAQs about FS.com 100G Switches. 

N Series Switches


FS 100G Switches Applications

As traffic continues to surge, more and more operators and data centers have upgraded their network architectures. Generally, there are two 100G migration paths: 10G-40G-100G and 10G-25G-100G. The following will mainly introduce 100G network applications.

100G to 4x25G Connectivity

FS N Series 100G switches can provide access ports for high-density 10GE servers, and 40G/100G uplinks ports for spine switches. As shown in the leaf-spine network architecture below, N8560-32C 100G switch connects with S5860-20SQ 25G switch through QSFP-100G-SR4-S transceiver and four 25G BASE-SR SFP28 transceivers, splitting 100G data into 4x25G to achieve 100G to 4x25G network connectivity.

100G to 4x25G Connectivity

100G to 40G Connectivity

In the leaf-spine architecture below, N8560-32C 100G switch is connected with S5860-20SQ 40G switch via QSFP-40G-SR4 transceivers and QSFP-100G-SR4-S transceivers to realize 100G to 40G network connectivity, which is also a high-performance solution for data center applications and large enterprise networks.

100G to 40G Connectivity


FS Optics Solutions for 100G Switches

100G switches are becoming the new trend for big data transmission. In order to provide more convenience and good experiences, FS also supplies a wide range of 100G QSFP28 optical modules compatible with these switches for our customers to meet different deployment requirements.

ID# Description Interface Cable Type
35182 Generic Compatible QSFP28 100GBASE-SR4 850nm 100m Transceiver MTP/MPO-12 MMF
144199 Generic Compatible QSFP28 100GBASE-PSM4 1310nm 500m Transceiver MTP/MPO-12 SMF
65214 Generic Compatible QSFP28 100GBASE-CWDM4 1310nm 2km Transceiver LC duplex SMF
104860 Generic Compatible QSFP28 100GBASE-LR4 1310nm 10km Transceiver LC duplex SMF
69110 Generic Compatible QSFP28 100GBASE-ER4 1310nm 40km Transceiver LC duplex SMF
147425 Generic Compatible QSFP28100GBASE-ER4L 1310nm 40km Extended Temperature Transceiver LC duplex SMF
73590 Generic Compatible QSFP28 100GBASE-4WDM-10 1310nm 10km Transceiver LC duplex SMF


To sum up, FS S Series and N Series switches are high-performance 100G switches, which offer cost-effective solutions for next-generation metro, data center, and enterprise Ethernet network applications. If you are looking for switches suited for Top-of-Rack/Spine data center, enterprise, or cloud service provider network deployments at a competitive price, welcome to contact us via sales@fs.com or visit our website www.fs.com.

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