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The S3900 series switches consist of three models: S3900-24T4S, S3900-24F4S, S3900-48T4S, which are fully managed stackable Gigabit switches, equipped with Broadcom chips, supporting 10G SFP+ uplinks, designed for SMB, campus and enterprise networks.

S3900-24T4S S3900-24F4S S3900-48T4S

Product Guideline

Product Guideline

Case Study



Basic Information
Supported Module & Cable
Test Report
EOM, EOFS and EOS Date
Configuration Guide
Log in Guide
Interface-based VLAN
MAC address-based VLAN
IP subnet-based VLAN
Protocol-based VLAN
Voice VLAN
DHCP Snooping
Port Mirroring
Traffic Segmentation
STP Configuration
Switch Stack

FS S3900 Series Gigabit Stackable Switches Overview

Posted on By FS.COM

Due to a series of complex factors like costs, lacking professional skills and uncertain future needs, the purchasing of network switches is usually tough, especially for small business network and home network. To fulfill these needs and help customers make a fast and right decision, FS provides S3900 series stackable switches including three models: S3900-24T4S, S3900-24F4S, and S3900-48T4S. All these switches are featured with rich Layer 2/2+ functions and can meet most enterprise campus, SMB, and even home networks’ demands for now and the future.

S3900 Ixia Test.jpg

S3900 Series Switches Options

FS S3900 series switches are L2/L2+ managed switches that feature L3 routing, 10G speed, physical stacking and optional redundant external power unit, designed to meet the needs of the convergence or access layer. The switches come with 24 or 48 10/100/1000base-t ports and either 4 combo SFP/RJ45 ports or 4 additional 10G SFP+ uplink ports. Integrated with robust security and abundant management features, S3900 series switches offer a cost-effective solution for enterprise networks.

Item S3900-24F4S



20x 1GB SFP, 4x Combo SFP and 4x 10GE SFP+ Ports

24x 100/1000BASE-T, 4x 10GE SFP+ Ports

48x 100/1000BASE-T, 4x 10GE SFP+ Ports

Switch Chip BCM56150 BCM56151


Switching Capacity 128 Gbps 128 Gbps 176 Gbps
Forwarding Capacity 95 Mpps 95 Mpps 130 Mpps
Physical Stacking Up to 6 Devices Up to 6 Devices Up to 6 Devices
Airflow Front to Back Fanless Left to Right
Max. Sound Level 52 dB 0 dB 54 dB
Power Supply Dual Power Dual Power Dual Power
Max Power Consumption 43w 21w 45w


Robust Hardware

The S3900 series switches are equipped with BCM56150/BCM56151 chip. The BCM chip provides the industry-leading integration and performance, ensuring fast data processing and stabilized performance for our S3900 series switches. Also, the S3900 series switches have passed the Ixia test which provides an out-of-service benchmarking methodology that evaluates the performance of network devices using throughput, back-to-back frames, frame loss rate, and latency tests to ensure your network a higher performance.

Enhanced Stackable Functions

The S3900 series switches highlight the stacking function. Up to six-switch stack enables users to expand their network capacity and simplify device management greatly. And the switch stack can still work even if there is a link or unit fails, which can effectively improve the stability of the whole network. The stacking capabilities of the S3900 series switches are ideal for limited spaced deployment (especially for small business) due to their flexibility and availability.

Fanless Design

Fanless design is another highlight of S3900 series switches. For those who suffer from device noise at home, libraries, hospitals, or clinics, the S3900-24T4S fanless switch offers the best solution. It ensures the noiseless operation and increases the reliability and energy efficiency of the system.

Abundant L2 and L2+ Features

The S3900 series switches support a complete lineup of L2 features, including link aggregation control protocol (LACP), STP/RSTP/MSTP, 802.1Q VLAN, port mirror, RSPAN, ERPS, DHCP snooping and so on. Advanced IGMP snooping and MLD Snooping can save cost and improve network efficiency on delivering multicast traffic by ensuring multicast traffic only reaches designated receivers without the need of an extra multicast router. Any more, the S3900 series switches also support L2+ feature—unicast routing, multicast routing and ARP, which can reduce the network traffic burden and helps the traffic for more efficient use.

IPv4 & IPv6 Support

The S3900 series switches support various IPv6 functions such as IPv4/IPv6 dual protocol stack, IPv6 ACL, IPv6 IGMP snooping, DHCP over IPv6, etc. All these functions can guarantee more convenient management and make your network ready for the future update.

Enterprise-Level & User-Friendly Management

S3900 series switches are user-friendly and easy to use. They support industry-standard CLI (command line interface) and web-based user interface management, which is friendly to professionals or newbies. Besides, by using CLI, the SNMP and Dual Image enable faster setup and configuration with less downtime.

Lifetime Warranty

All of our S3900 series switches are equipped with 4-year warranty hardware service and a lifetime free upgrade for the software of your switches. If you get into trouble while using our S3900 series switches, FS will provide you a comprehensive set service for your switches at any time you want.

Diverse Applications

FS understands the importance of providing great choices of rich enterprise-level features, competitive cost and less complexity. The S3900 series Gigabit managed switches offer different switch ports like combo port, RJ45 port, SFP and SFP+ port, which can adapt to diverse enterprise network needs.

S3900-24T4S Gigabit Managed Switch with Fanless Design

The fanless design can make you work in a relatively quiet environment and the S3900-24T4S switch is mostly deployed for small business or places where silence is needed.

S390024T4S  Switch Application.jpg

S3900-24F4S Gigabit Managed Switch for Fiber and Copper Transmission

With 4 combo SFP/RJ45 ports and 4 10Gb SFP+ uplinks, the S3900-24F4S switch can achieve both fiber and copper transmission. It also provides more comprehensive security and faster speed for enterprise networks.

S390024F4S Switch Application.jpg

S3900-48T4S Flexible Access Switch for Converged Enterprise Networks

With 4 10G SFP+ ports, the S3900-48T4S switch facilitates an easy transition to 10G networking and stacking connection for secure enterprise access deployment and smooth wireless.

S390048T4S Switch Application.jpg

S3900 Series Switches
S3900 Series Datasheet
Filename: S3900-Series-Datasheet-DS
928 KB
This datasheet is designed to provide technical specification details for S3900 series switches.
S3900 Series User Manual
User Manual
Filename: S3900-Series-User-Maual-UM
User Manual
976.09 KB
This user manual is designed to guide you how to use this switch.
S3900 Series Switches Transceiver Modules Guide
Module Guide
Filename: S3900-Series-Switches-Transceiver-Modules-Guide-MG
Module Guide
826.82 KB
This guide is designed to guide you to choose modules compatible with S3900 series switches.
S3900 Series Web Management Manual
CLI Ref. Guide
Filename: S3900-Series-Web-Management-Manual-WEB MUM
CLI Ref. Guide
8.97 MB
This user manual is designed to provide Web Management details for S3900 series Switches.
S3900 Series Reset and Recovery System Configuration
Software Upgrade Guide
Filename: S3900-Series-Reset-and-Recovery-System-Configuration-SCG
Software Upgrade Guide
294.93 KB
This guide is designed to provide Reset and Recovery System Configuration details for S3900 series Switches.
S3900 Series Software Upgrade Guide
Software Upgrade Guide
Filename: S3900-Series-Software-Upgrade Guide-SUG
Software Upgrade Guide
705.09 KB
This guide is designed to provide software configuration details for S3900 series Switches.
S3900 Series Switches SNMP MIB Files MIB
MIB Files
Filename: S3900-Series-Switches-SNMP-MIB-Files-MIB
MIB Files
95.03 KB
These Files are designed to provide SNMP MIB details for S3900 series Switches.
FSOS S3900 Series Release Note
Release Note
Filename: FSOS-S3900-Series-Release-Note-RN
Release Note
304.56 KB
This release note introduces the information about S3900 series software update.
S3900 Series Switch CLI Reference Guide
CLI Ref. Guide
Filename: S3900-Series-Switch- CLI-Reference-Guide-CLI RG
CLI Ref. Guide
5.48 MB
This guide is designed to provide CLI referrence details for S3900 series Switches.
S3900 Series V0169 Software Upgrade Instructions
Software Config. Guide
Filename: S3900-Series-V0169-Software-Upgrade-Instructions-SCG
Software Config. Guide
1.69 MB
This guide is designed to provide V0169 Software Upgrade Instructions details for S3900 series Switches.