Introduction of Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cables

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High-density cabling products and standardized modular designs are crucial in today's data centers and server rooms, a trend that extends to the realm of copper cabling. During the installation of network cables, traditional field-termination methods may slow down installation speed and increase the risk of failures. To address these issues, pre-terminated copper trunk cables are introduced into data centers.

So, what are copper trunk cables and how are they used? This article will detail pre-terminated copper trunk cables and explain why you need them.

What Are Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cables?

Pre-terminated copper trunk cables refer to bundled pairs of twisted-pair cables (6, 12, or 24 pairs), each terminated with connectors (plugs or jacks) at both ends. The pre-terminated design eliminates the need for on-site termination, reducing installation time and potential errors. Overall, pre-terminated copper trunk cables provide a convenient and efficient solution for high-speed data transmission and network connectivity in modern infrastructure deployments. When using pre-terminated copper trunk cables, simply lay them in place, then insert the connectors at both ends into the corresponding patch panels, completing the installation of the copper cable system. This kind of cable supports applications with high-density, rapid deployment, and high-performance requirements.

Copper Trunk Cable

Termination Types of Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cables

Generally, there are three common termination types: plug-to-plug, jack-to-jack, and plug-to-jack. Different types have different requirements for installation. The following will introduce these three termination types respectively:

Plug to Plug Copper Trunk Cable

Plug to plug copper trunk cable is a type of Ethernet cable commonly used in data center environments or office spaces for direct connections between active equipment, such as servers and switches. Unlike traditional patch cables, which are used for connecting devices to patch panels or network outlets, trunk cables are designed for direct device-to-device connections.

Jack to Jack Copper Trunk Cable

Jack to jack copper trunk cable is typically used in cabinet-to-cabinet permanent link trunk. Generally, it is installed into patch panels on both ends in common interconnect and cross-connect architectures. The trunk cables are employed to establish connectivity between active equipment and the physical layer.

Plug to Jack Copper Trunk Cable

Typically, plug to jack connections are employed for linking equipment within or between cabinets. One end is mounted on the patch panel, and the other end is connected to a switch port for the switch port. This design eliminates a crossover connection point by directly inserting the cable into the active equipment.

Termination Types of Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cables

Advantages of Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cables

Pre-terminated copper trunk cables provide a quick plug-and-play solution for links between switches, servers, patch panels, and zone distribution areas in the data center. With the right upfront planning and coordination, these copper trunk cables can offer major benefits over terminating twisted-pair cable in the field.

  • Reliable Quality and Performance: Pre-terminated copper trunk cables undergo rigorous testing and meticulous factory termination processes, ensuring consistent reliability and optimal performance in even the most demanding network environments.

  • Quick Deployment and Time-Saving: Pre-terminated copper trunk cables offer quick deployment and time-saving benefits for network installations. These cables streamline the process by arriving pre-assembled with connectors, eliminating the need for on-site termination. As a result, installation time is significantly reduced, allowing IT professionals to complete projects more efficiently and allocate resources effectively.

  • Cable Management Improvement: Pre-terminated copper trunk cables contribute to better cable management practices. With neatly bundled and factory-terminated cables, organizations can achieve cleaner and more organized cabling infrastructure, reducing the risk of cable congestion and simplifying future maintenance tasks.

Application of Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cables

Pre-terminated copper trunk cables are widely used in data centers, especially for point-to-point connections. They ensure reliable connectivity among switches, servers, patch panels, and zone distribution areas. If you want to learn more about how pre-terminated copper trunk cables are used in data centers, just read: Data Center Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cable Solution.

Application of Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cables


In summary, pre-terminated copper trunk cables provide a cost-effective solution with a plug-and-play design for swift deployment. They feature factory-terminated connectors that ensure reliability, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. Additionally, their bundled design enhances cable management, making them ideal for robust network infrastructures.

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