Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cables Selection Guide

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Pre-terminated copper trunk cables are gaining popularity in data centers and high-density environments due to their easy installation and reliability. This comprehensive buying guide will guide you through essential considerations when selecting pre-terminated copper trunk cables for your network infrastructure.

Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cable Basis

Pre-terminated copper trunk cable refers to copper wire cables with connectors already assembled during the manufacturing process. Due to their pre-connected nature, pre-terminated copper trunk cables can be directly used for network wiring without the need for on-site termination, thus saving a significant amount of time and cost. This type of copper cable not only enhances installation efficiency but also ensures connection quality and stability.

Pre-terminated copper trunk cables are widely used in various network environments such as data centers, enterprise networks, and storage area networks. Their flexibility and reliability make them an ideal choice in rapidly changing network environments, providing a dependable and efficient solution for network connectivity. Read Introduction of Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cables to help you better understand pre-terminated copper trunk cables.

Copper Trunk Cable

Choose the Right Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cable

Termination Types

The termination type of the cable assembly depends on the layout of the data center or telecommunications room and the design philosophy employed. Different types have different requirements for installation. Common termination types are plug to plug, jack to jack, and plug to jack.

  • Plug to Plug: Useful for direct connections between devices, eliminating the need for patch panels.

  • Jack to Jack: Suitable for connecting patch panels to switches or servers within racks.

  • Plug to Jack: Useful for connecting patch panels to devices directly without additional patch cords.

    Termination Type of Copper Trunk Cable

Proper Breakout Length

The breakout length, which extends from the braided sleeve's end to the connectors, is integral to the overall cable length, not an additional measurement. Its primary purpose is to offer sufficient flexibility for cable routing without excessively exposed cable, which could complicate cable management.

Typically, a 36-inch breakout length suffices. This allows the trunk to remain within the vertical manager while individual cables can navigate through the vertical duct fingers, reaching across a 19-inch rack to the farthest port.

For scenarios beyond rack or cabinet installations, a longer breakout length, such as 48 inches or more, may be necessary to accommodate connectors spaced farther apart, providing the required flexibility.

Fire Ratings of Material

It's essential to consider the fire ratings of the cable material to comply with safety regulations and mitigate the risk of fire in your data center or telecommunications room:

  • Riser-Rated Cable: Typically employing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the jacket material, these cables are designed for vertical installations, such as between floors, where airflow is not a concern. They feature flame-retardant jackets, yet may not be suitable for plenum spaces.

  • Plenum-Rated Cable: Typically constructed with low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) materials, these cables are essential in areas with drop ceilings or raised floors, where air circulation is vital for heating and air conditioning systems. Featuring jackets made of fire-resistant materials, plenum-rated cables effectively prevent the spread of fire and toxic fumes.

FS copper trunks include a braided mesh sleeve whose properties match the cable jackets. This ensures that the binding material does not degrade the suitability of the product in a plenum environment.

FS Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cable Solution

FS offers a wide selection of Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6a pre-terminated trunk cables, including plug to plug, jack to jack, plug to jack. These copper trunks have several advantages:

  • Braided Mesh Sleeve Design: Equipped with a braided mesh sleeve keeps cables neat and protects against fraying and damage.

  • Quick Identification: Each pre-terminated trunk cable assembly is assigned a unique identification number for swift recognition and management.

  • Reliable Quality: Copper trunk cables are rigorously tested and meet ISO/IEC 11801-1 and TIA-568.2-C standards, ensuring reliable performance.

FS products offer reliable quality, providing professional comprehensive cabling solutions. The table below lists FS standard products of copper trunking cables:

Categories Cat5e Cat6 Cat6a
Shielding Type UTP UTP SFTP
Cable Count 6 6 6
Termination End Plug to Plug Plug to Plug Jack to Jack Plug to Plug Jack to Jack
Gauge (AWG) 24 26 23 26 23

In addition to the standard products listed in the table, customized copper trunk cables are available from FS to accommodate various cabling needs. FS supports customization for cable count, connector type, gauge, cable jacket, color, and length.


Pre-terminated copper trunk cable provides a perfect cost-effective solution for enterprise and data center applications. Choosing the right one will help you resolve many unnecessary problems during the installation process. For further questions on configuring a trunk cable, please visit FS.com.

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