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Edge computing, a distributed computing architecture, has become the standard IT infrastructure in most industries, thanks to its benefits: increased data processing speeds, reduced bandwidth requirements, and fewer network congestions.

Over the years, several organizations have rushed to deploy edge computing solutions, and the demand has constantly been rising. Even so, some edge computing companies have done more and better than others in helping their clients implement this distributed computing architecture. Below, we have rounded up some of the best edge computing companies.

Edge Computing Market Trends

  • Edge computing has been growing exponentially over the years, thanks to the rapid adoption by various organizations across industries. The rising number of applications requiring real-time data processing, massive adoption of AI, 5G and IoT, plus the increasing number of smart devices are some of the key factors driving the growth of edge computing.

  • According to a recent Grand View Research, the global edge computing market in 2020 was valued at $4.68 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 38.4% to reach $61.14 billion during the forecast period 2021 to 2028.

  • Similarly, the rapid growth of edge computing has seen key market players from various ecosystems come together to add value to their products and services. Major players from traditional enterprise IT, cloud, networks, and data center providers are acquiring the smaller and more disruptive players to diversify their markets and boost their competitive advantage.

  • That said, some of the key players in the industry are those companies that tap into the three market segments – hardware, software, and services – to fully meet the needs and expectations of their customers. These companies include AWS, ADLINK, Dell Technologies, etc. We’ve covered this and more below.

Top 5 Edge Computing Companies

The edge computing industry is massive, and first-mover companies are now enjoying a significant portion of the global market share. The majority of the top edge computing companies offer full-package services to their clients, helping them streamline their business operations with real-time and near-real-time insights, lower bandwidth usage, and less latency.

Edge computing companies seek to optimize these benefits while solving the major challenges of bringing compute power closer to the data source. These challenges include the need for complex IT infrastructure and the large amount of data generated by edge devices such as IoT sensors. Below are the top five edge computing companies.

Top 5 Edge Computing Companies

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is a reputed company that offers cloud and edge computing services. Their hybrid cloud services also span solutions that include AI, IoT, robotics, ML, data analytics, compute, and storage capabilities.

Besides being heavily invested in the cloud, the company has competitive edge solutions and devices that serve industrial, connected home IoT and commercial markets. Some of the popular edge solutions offered by AWS are AWS IoT Core, Amazon FreeRTOS microcontroller OS, AWS IoT Device Management, etc.

AWS’s edge cloud interfaces are complex, and the companies that use their services often get professional training from AWS.

2. ADLINK Technology

ADLINK is a company in Taiwan, China, focusing on embedded computing. The company has a widespread operational presence, spanning over 40 countries, with key design centers in the US, Asia, and Germany.

Some of ADLINK’s specialties within the edge computing world are IoT hardware & software, AI software, and advanced robotics solutions. Among the main company, offerings are industrial motherboards, computer-on-models, data acquisition modules & complete systems. ADLINK serves several industries, such as manufacturing, networking & communications, healthcare, military, and aerospace.

3. EdgeConnex

EdgeConnex helps businesses across industries to bring compute and storage facilities near the data sources. The company’s model is to have data facilities where they are needed most to enhance network and IT connectivity.

EdgeConnex, through its self-service management operating system, Edge OS, gives customers a single and secure view of their infrastructure, deployed in various locations across the globe.

The company has over 4,000 footprints outside of the hundreds of data centers worldwide. EdgeConnex services find their use cases in fast media streaming, AI, ML, and IoT applications.

4. Google Cloud

Google isn’t on top of the list of cloud providers, but its edge computing portfolio is quite interesting, thanks to the company’s active participation in 5G and IoT tech developments. One of Google’s flagship edge devices and technologies is the Google Edge TPU, a hardware chip that allows AI to run entirely on edge.

Other solutions are Google Anthos, a hybrid multi-cloud platform used to develop apps on the network, and Google Coral, an ML platform for edge applications. The latter helps users build their own devices using local AI.

5. Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies has three distinct edge-computing hardware: mobile, enterprise, and IoT edge. As a macro-cap tech company, Dell Technologies has invested a lot in edge computing and is one of the tech giants with innovative edge computing hardware options.

Under the mobile edge portfolio, the company offers cloud-enabled hardware for remote/ mobile locations such as the PowerEdge XR2 Rugged Server. Dell’s IoT edge portfolio includes edge gateways designed for retailers, manufacturers, and smart cities.

Getting Started with Edge Computing

Edge computing comes with several benefits, and the right deployment will depend on your unique use cases. Whether you need a cloud-edge hybrid model or you want to set up an edge data center, there are several edge companies you can partner with. Remember to seek professional advice from an expert IT consultant to help you choose the best edge computing solution for your business model.

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