Customer Perspectives - Why FS S5860 Series Switches?

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FS S5860 series L3 enterprise switches, three models S5860-20SQ, S5860-48SC, and S5860-24XB-U included, offering easy, reliable, and future-proof solutions for campus networks, have been well-received by our users. See what our customers and analysts are saying about FS S5860 series switches.

Customer Experience Spotlight

S5860-20SQ 24-Port Ethernet L3 Switch

S5860-20SQ Review

“By leveraging Broadcom’s software base, it seems as though FS was able to bring a reasonably well-featured switch to the market that even has features like a web interface. What is truly unique is the port count. With 20x SFP+, 4x SFP28, and 4x QSFP+ ports we have a solid mix of 10/25/40GbE networking. There are few switches in the market with this port count which is a differentiator itself. We were pleasantly surprised that the FS S5860-20SQ offered more than we expected." - Rohit Kumar

The following is a specific rating given by ServeTheHome.

S5860-20SQ Rating

Read the full review: FS S5860-20SQ Switch Review 20x10GbE 4x25GbE 2x40GbE 1U

S5860-48SC 48-Port 1G/10G Ethernet L3 Switch

S5860-48SC Review

"There are several different angles from which we can view the S5860-48SC. The switch itself is a 48-port SFP+ and 8-port QSFP28 switch. As such, it covers a fairly wide range of applications. This switch can easily handle a rack or more of servers with plenty of uplink bandwidth. Alternatively, if you have an environment with 1-2 racks of servers with a few high-speed storage or virtualization hosts, then perhaps even a pair of these would make a good option." - Rohit Kumar

Read the full review: FS S5860-48SC Review 48x 10GbE SFP+ and 8x 100GbE SFP28 Switch

S5860-24XB-U 24-Port Multi-Gigabit PoE++ Switch

S5860-24XB-U Review

Assurance Provided by FS

Quality Certification

FS's commitment to quality lies in all aspects of processes, resources, and methods that enable us to build superior networks for our customers. Through a quality policy focusing on the continuous improvement of products and services, we can achieve the highest levels of satisfaction for our customers. So far FS S5860 series switches have passed major international standards namely ISO 14001, ISO 9001, RoHS, REACH, CE, FCC, WEEE, and EAC, which set stringent requirements for the quality and safety of specified product types.

Quality Certification

Warranty, Service, and Support

FS S5860 series switches come with an industry-leading 5-year limited lifetime warranty and a 30-day return policy against defects in materials or workmanship.

FS provides a personal account manager, free professional technical support, and 24/7 live customer service to each customer. Each product is strictly tested with the professional lab's latest and advanced networking equipment.


  • Free Technical Support: Provide free & tailored solutions and services for your businesses.

  • 80% Same-day Shipping: Immediate shipping for in-stock items.

  • Fast Response: Direct and immediate assistance from an expert.

See FS Network Solutions for Collaboration Users

According to the specific requirements provided by customers, FS can help them achieve efficient and easy-to-manage solutions.

NSK's Choice for Enterprise Network Solution

NSK specifically analyzed its own requirements and chose the FS S5860 series.

NSK's Choice

A Large Three-Storied Supermarket's Choice for Network Solution

Large Three-Storied Supermarket Satisfies 5,000+ Daily Customers and Staff With Faster Wi-Fi 6.

Supermarket's Choice

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