FS Most Popular All-In-One Video Conferencing Camera in 2024

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The all-in-one conference camera features a high-definition camera, microphone, and speakers. With just this single device, you can set up and conduct video conferences, saving time and increasing convenience. Having previously explored the best all-in-one webcam, let us now introduce you to FS's most popular all-in-one conference camera—the FC570S-4K.


The FS FC570S-4K all-in-one conference camera is meticulously designed to elevate the video conferencing experience for all participants. The device is crafted with a 4K ultra-high-definition sensor and boasts a 121° super-wide-angle lens that ensures full-room coverage. The advanced intelligent analysis algorithm seamlessly integrates with the camera's 5X digital zoom, keeping participants well within the frame, and in sharp focus. Equipped with an impressive array of four microphone arrays, coupled with cutting-edge noise reduction and echo cancellation, the FC570S-4K delivers pristine audio clarity, completing the immersive conferencing experience.

All-In-One Video Conferencing Camera

Always Look Professional

4K Ultra HD Quality

With a 1/2.5 inch, an 8.51M pixel sensor, the FS FC570S-4K projects a 4K (3840x2160) @p60fps video, displaying vivid, almost tangible images. Its backward compatibility ensures it caters to varied user requirements across different resolutions from 1080P to 720P, ensuring its versatility.

All-In-One Video Conferencing Camera

A Wide View for Tight Spaces

Equipped with a wide 121° angle and an additional pan/tilt range of ±15°, the FC570S-4K ensures exceptional video quality, capturing everyone in small conference rooms without distortion, thus bridging the gap between teams or clients by providing a comprehensive and inclusive meeting experience.

All-In-One Video Conferencing Camera

Intelligent Analysis

Built-in intelligent analysis algorithm, listening to the speaker position, automatic framing of participants, automatic tracking of speakers, switching the speaker screen, to ensure that the speaker is always clearly in the picture.

  • Auto Framing Function: The advanced auto framing technology of the FC570S-4K all-in-one conference camera ensures hassle-free conferencing by automatically adjusting the view to include all participants.

  • Human Tracking Function: With cutting-edge human tracking, the camera not only frames but also follows the speaker, offering an immersive and engaging experience to remote participants.

All-In-One Video Conferencing Camera

Crystal Clear Communication

  • A built-in quartet of microphones provides 360° voice pickup, extending up to 6 meters. Tailored for small to medium-sized meeting rooms, the FC570S-4K is optimized for spaces that accommodate 6 to 10 people, improving meeting efficiency and potentially reducing rental costs.

  • Connecting the FC570S-4K all-in-one conference camera with an MP-EXM-5M extension microphone expands the voice pickup range to 11 meters, suitable for meetings of approximately 14 people, offering greater flexibility in adapting to meeting spaces. The built-in mute button provides instant privacy for room participants, ensuring every voice is heard clearly.

All-In-One Video Conferencing Camera

Clear Visibility Under Any Lighting Conditions

The FC570S-4K is equipped with advanced backlight compensation and wide dynamic range capabilities, ensuring that visuals remain sharp and clear. With these features, the FC570S-4K is capable of delivering consistently high-quality images, even in environments where lighting conditions are far from ideal. Whether you're dealing with strong backlighting or fluctuating brightness levels, this state-of-the-art technology adapts to maintain optimal visibility, so you never miss a detail.

All-In-One Video Conferencing Camera

One Device, Any Software

FS's FC570S-4K all-in-one conference camera is compatible with a wide array of video conferencing solutions, ensuring seamless connectivity and compatibility with your chosen software.

All-In-One Video Conferencing Camera

Rich Interfaces

The FC570S-4K supports both HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 audio-video output, accommodating various setup requirements and preferences.

Flexible Set-Up

Connection is effortless with options for USB and Bluetooth, allowing quick integration with virtually any device.

All-In-One Video Conferencing Camera

What's the difference between FC570S-4K Conference Camera and FC270S Webcam?

All-In-One Video Conferencing Camera

When you're evaluating FS all-in-one webcam and conference camera solutions, there might be some confusion. While both devices provide integrated solutions for remote communications, they are designed for different user requirements. The difference between the FC270S Webcam and the FC570S-4K Conference Camera lies in their intended usage scale and feature complexity.

Ideal for personal use or group meetings, the FC270S all-in-one webcam prioritizes simplicity and affordability. The FC570S-4K all-in-one conference camera, on the other hand, is tailor-made for larger meeting spaces and professional settings, offering advanced features like 4K resolution, smart framing, and superior audio quality. Paired with MP-EXM-5M expansion microphone, promising a more efficient and inclusive meeting experience.

Video Conferencing Made Easy

With the FC570S-4K all-in-one conference camera's superior video and audio, versatile compatibility, and multifunctionality, you can enhance your video conferencing experiences like never before. Be part of this transformation – join us in embracing the future of conferencing now!

FAQs About FC570S-4K All-in-one Conference Camera

To address any questions you may have before making a purchase, we've compiled a concise FAQ on the FC570S-4K to provide you with clearer insights.

Q: Does it support Bluetooth expansion?

Yes, it supports expansion through Bluetooth connection to microphones and speakers, flexibly adapting to specific needs of conference room scenarios.

Q: Is camera operation convenient?

Yes, anyone in the office can easily set up and control this video conferencing camera.

1. Simply connect it to a computer or laptop via USB.

2. Choose video conferencing software, such as Zoom or Skype for Business.

3. Involve everyone in the conversation and get started.

Q: What is the zoom of the FC570S-4K conference camera?

It is fixed focus with 5X digital zoom.

Q: How do you control the camera?

Typically, you can operate the camera using an infrared remote control.

Q: Does the FC570S-4K all-in-one conference camera record audio?

A: No, it does not record any audio or video. Some video conferencing platforms (such as Zoom) allow you to record meetings.

Q: How do I connect the camera to a TV?

To start using the FC570S-4K all-in-one conference camera, simply plug it into a laptop via USB. Use an HDMI cable to connect it to the TV to get started.

Q: What is the pickup distance and how many people can the conference room accommodate?

A: It has a pickup distance of 6 meters and can accommodate 6-10 people for optimal performance. If paired with the MP-EXM-5M expansion microphone, it can accommodate around 14 people for medium to large-sized meetings.

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