FS Unveils Next-Gen High-Speed Network Connectivity Solution to Accelerate the Era of HPC

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January 11th, 2024 – FS.com, a high-speed network solution provider for HPC, data centers, enterprises, and telecom networks, announced its next-generation product portfolio optimized for HPC, Machine Learning (ML), and Cloud Computing, including NVIDIA® 400G InfiniBand switches, NVIDIA® network adapters, and diverse high-speed transceivers and cables. With ultra-low latency, remarkable data throughput, and superior network computing prowess, this network solution is poised to significantly accelerate research and innovation within the domains of HPC.

High speed connectivity

As high-performance computing gains traction across various sectors, the explosive growth of data on a global scale has led to a continual increase in the demand for computational power across industries. Both large and small-scale enterprises increasingly require intelligent, high-speed, and efficient network connectivity solutions to maximize GPU computational capabilities, fostering substantial acceleration for diverse data-intensive applications.

In response to the demands of global professional clients, FS drives product innovation and supply, offering comprehensive end-to-end network solutions. These future-proof solutions enable heightened performance and efficiency, helping global customers reduce capital and operating expenses and gain optimal return on investment.

NVIDIA® InfiniBand Switches

FS's new-generation NVIDIA Quantum-2-based 400G InfiniBand switches feature 64 ports at 400Gbps or 128 ports at 200Gbps, boast an industry-leading total throughput of 51.2Tb/s, and have a processing capacity of 66.5 billion packets per second. As an ideal rack-mounted InfiniBand solution, these switches allow maximum flexibility, as they enable a variety of topologies, including Fat Tree, SlimFly, DragonFly+, multi-dimensional Torus, and more. The combination of high networking speed, robust switching capabilities, scalability, and efficiency makes FS's network connectivity solution ideal for building next-generation giant HPC systems.

NVIDIA® Network Adapters

The newly launched 400G InfiniBand adapters and 25G/100G Ethernet adapters utilize industry-leading RDMA or RoCE, ensuring high throughput and low-latency connections. In addition, 400G InfiniBand NICs support encryption and security boot to ensure the safe operation of the system and programs. They deliver unparalleled performance and reliability for operations of various scales, enabling organizations to meet current and future network demands in high-bandwidth and high-density environments.

200G/400G/800G Transceivers & Cables

FS has introduced a wide array of optical modules and high-speed cables, ranging from 200G to 800G, all compliant with industry-recognized standards and rigorously tested for compatibility. They harness cutting-edge technologies like SiPh-Based technology, PAM4 modulation, or InfiniBand HDR. These advancements translate into enhanced performance, increased data transmission efficiency, and compatibility with high-speed networks, offering improved capabilities and reliability for modern data-intensive applications.

The era of high-performance computing has arrived. With rich expertise in high-performance network construction, FS can provide optimal high-speed network solutions, delivering remarkable performance gains for customers in HPC applications. Looking ahead, FS will spare no effort in supporting customers, relentlessly innovating in the realm of HPC solutions, and providing them with cutting-edge technological support.

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