How to Configure EVPN-VXLAN with Pica8 AmpCon™?

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As enterprises gradually transition to the cloud, achieving cloud-centralization or cloud-native capabilities has become crucial to adapting to the new "work from anywhere" work model. However, introducing enterprises to the "cloud" or simplifying the "hybrid cloud" experience shouldn't require writing a thesis on how to "tunnel something inside of something else." Amidst this vast sea of technology, EVPN-VXLAN emerges as one of the solutions.

What the "Reality" of EVPN-VXLAN Really Means

EVPN-VXLAN stands for Ethernet VPN and Virtual eXtensible LAN, respectively. In essence, VXLAN is a protocol used to create a tunneled "Overlay" network on top of an existing (physical) Layer-3 "Underlay" network. This Overlay network can support up to 16 million VLANs, far exceeding the traditional limit of 4096 VLANs.

Therefore, the introduction of EVPN-VXLAN aims to provide enterprises with a more flexible, scalable, and powerful network architecture. The integration of this technology with the Spine-Leaf CLOS architecture holds tremendous potential for "cloud-scale" data centers.

How to Configure EVPN-VXLAN with Pica8 AmpCon™?

In the next chapters, we'll show you how you can utilize some simple Ansible integration with the lightweight UI in Pica8's Amplified Network Control Platform (AmpCon™) to automate and simplify configuration management on your network, and with the simple purchase of an AmpCon™ instance to deploy and Automate the management of your choice of open network (white box) hardware (unlimited), making push-button VXLAN deployment a reality.

How to Configure EVPN-VXLAN

AmpCon™ is at the heart of automating EVPN-VXLAN. With Pica8, Jinja, Ansible, and with AmpCon™, deploying EVPN-VXLAN no longer requires a large team of certified network engineers or being a network expert. This automation is especially important in the current era of virtualization and "cloud" domination, and AmpCon™ is a key element in enabling network resiliency platforms.

Steps to Automate Deployment

First, let's create some amazing Jinja templates by adding commands from the "click" driven tree:

How to Configure EVPN-VXLAN with Pica8 AmpCon™?

Next, save the template to automatically convert the code into a customizable template:

How to Configure EVPN-VXLAN with Pica8 AmpCon™?

We can share and edit the templates:

How to Configure EVPN-VXLAN with Pica8 AmpCon™?

Even customize the automatically created variables in the automatically created templates:

How to Configure EVPN-VXLAN with Pica8 AmpCon™?

The newly created template, AmpCon™, automatically becomes a wizard-driven form:

How to Configure EVPN-VXLAN with Pica8 AmpCon™?

So amazing that EVPN-VXLAN deployment with Pica8's AmpCon™ has become:

  • Point-And-Click

  • Wizard-Driven

  • Customizable

  • Reusable - Create auto-built forms and templates for subsequent deployments

AmpCon™ does so much of the work for you and builds so much of it (by default for customization and reuse) that EVPN-VXLAN deployments are:

  • Predictable

  • Scalable

  • Schedulable (yes, AmpCon™ has a built-in schedule so you can set it and "check back later")

  • Automation

Automating EVPN-VXLAN deployment with Pica8's AmpCon™ simplifies deployment and improves efficiency. With Pica8 and AmpCon™, organizations will be able to easily automate the deployment of EVPN-VXLAN to meet the network challenges of the future.

How FS Can Help

FS and Pica8 have established a strategic partnership and you can learn about products such as the PicOS® Series, PicOS-V and AmpCon™ Network Manager at FS. Pica8 software products work with the enterprise network switches and data center switches offered by FS to make your network deployment more efficient.

Start your EVPN-VXLAN automation journey now! Click here to contact us for a free evaluation of AmpCon™, PicOS® Software Switch and PicOS-V Virtual Switch demo.

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