An ISP Partner Cooperates with FS to Optimize its Network Architecture for Business Innovation

" Thank you for your excellent customer service in helping me solve my network issue. Your prompt response and knowledgeable advice were greatly appreciated. I am very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend your services to others."

—— Savvas Bout (CEO)


The Client is a large ISP network service provider. And his company provides professional IX service, established in 2017 and headquartered in San Jose, California, USA. The company is committed to providing high-performance, low latency, and high-reliability Internet Exchange services to ISPs, CDNs, and enterprise customers worldwide.

FS ISP client company

The Client needed to provide network access to users within their network and ensure that users were isolated from each other while ensuring internal business network interoperability between branch offices. To replace their existing MP-BGP network, they needed an efficient network architecture.

Fortunately, the FS team designed an EVPN-VXLAN network data center solution for the client, which completely eliminated MPLS and perfectly solved the challenges the client encountered in optimizing the network. This solution enables an efficient network architecture that isolates users from each other and ensures internal business network interoperability between branch offices.


  • Network security and reliability problem: Different users need to be isolated from each other to ensure the security and privacy of data. And to protect customers' data and privacy from unauthorized access and attacks, their network services such as security and confidentiality need to be optimized.

  • Network operation and maintenance difficulties: There are many users who need to interact with businesses within the network, and these users may come from different industries with different business sizes and natures, increasing the difficulties of network operation and maintenance within the company.

  • Network performance and quality issues: The client needs high availability and reliability of its network services to ensure that customers' network connections are not interrupted. And the continuous growth of customer access requires a more stable and faster network, which is a major challenge encountered by the client.


Network Isolation Ensures the Needed Security

To meet the changing needs of customers and employees in different industries, Savvas needs to continuously optimize its services. Simultaneously, due to the unique size and scope of the organization, a higher level of security was required to ensure the privacy and data security of customers. The project was urgent and required a solution that could quickly meet such conditions.

After knowing the client's needs, FS offers a solution using the S5860-48SC core switch, S5860-24XB-U aggregation switch, and S3410 series layer switch to meet the conditions where users needed to be isolated from each other. The solution adopts Vrf technology as an effective network isolation mechanism. This technology can divide different types of users into different board areas in order to achieve network interoperability between users.

At the same time, each user's network data is isolated from each other, making the network more clear and concise, easy to manage and maintain. This solution not only improves the security of the network but also increases the users' sense of security for data privacy.

One-stop Network Operation and Maintenance Management

The increasing number of new users made it difficult for the company's existing IT team to operate and maintain the network. How to improve the IT operation and maintenance efficiency of the team was a constant headache for Savvas. In order to solve the customer's problem, FS engineers recommended FS Airware Cloud Management Platform which was developed by FS, to Savvas.

As a cloud-based network management solution, it manages the switch from the cloud, ensuring 24/7 access, visibility and control, enabling branch office operation and maintenance management, reducing IT labor costs in each branch office, remote cloud operation and maintenance, network health under control, and only need to focus on one IT engineer to manage the entire office network. There is also a cloud-based maintenance service that can help configure a 24/7 exclusive network butler.

FS Airware provides cloud troubleshooting, real-time warning, and fault location, making it easy to deploy, operate and maintain networks. Once there is a problem, the manager can view the entire network of abnormal alarms at any time and anywhere and do remote fault analysis and processing, rather than waiting 2 hours and hoping the IT staff come quickly to solve the problem. Besides, the cloud platform FS Airware supports multinational management and has a strong backup ability, eliminating the required IT staff for each branch.

FS airware cloud platform

Network Efficiency Has Been Improved Greatly

In order to meet the customer's high availability and reliability requirements, the solution FS provided adopts a redundant backup design. FS built multiple core layer FS S5860-48SC switches, aggregation layer S5860-24XB-U and access layer S3410 switches in the data center. That design uses a redundant backup technology that can realize dual hot backups of the switches and redundant backups between data centers in different locations. Thus ensuring the high availability and reliability of network services. In addition, this solution uses multi-path routing technology based on BGP protocol to improve the availability and redundancy of the network.

The client's partners include enterprises and organizations from various industries, such as banks, hospitals, governments, etc. With the adoption of redundant backup technology, the customer's network connectivity is no longer affected by a single point of failure, and the reliability and availability of networks have been greatly enhanced. The client's partner service evaluation has also been greatly improved, enabling the client to gain more shares and a good reputation in the market.


As a first-class ISP network service provider, how to provide a reliable network to meet users' requirements for network bandwidth, stability, and availability is what Savvas Bout has been thinking about. FS solution helps Savvas to replace its existing MP-BGP network with efficient network architecture, boosting its business innovation and gaining more success.

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