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In today's technology-driven business world, a reliable and efficient SMB network is critical to the success of any enterprise. With the increasing demand for data-intensive applications, wireless network technology is rapidly evolving, making it essential for businesses to build a faster, more secure SMB network to remain competitive. This article focuses on the growing challenges for SMB networks and how to build a faster, more secure enterprise network with FS enterprise network solution.

Growing Challenges for SMB Networks

SMBs are increasingly facing the following challenges when it comes to managing SMB networks.


As businesses continue to rely on technology to drive their operations, cybersecurity has become a significant concern for SMBs. Cyber-attacks are on the rise, and businesses must take measures to protect their data from malicious attacks.

Ongoing IT Support

Managing an SMB network requires ongoing maintenance and support, which can be time-consuming and expensive. SMBs often lack the resources to hire dedicated IT staff, leaving them vulnerable to network issues that can disrupt their operations.

Finding Qualified IT Staff

Qualified IT professionals are in high demand, making it difficult for SMBs to attract and retain skilled staff. This shortage of qualified personnel can make it challenging for businesses to maintain a high-quality network.


As more devices connect to the network and data-intensive applications become more prevalent, SMBs need a network that can handle increased traffic. A slow SMB network can lead to poor productivity and hinder business growth.

Keeping Current on Network Technology

Wireless network technology is constantly evolving, and businesses must keep up to remain competitive. SMBs may lack the resources to stay up to date with the latest trends and technology, which can lead to them falling behind their competitors.

Why Build a Faster, More Secure Enterprise Network?

Building a faster, more secure enterprise network offers several benefits that can help businesses thrive in the digital age. These benefits include:

Improve Customer Experience

A faster, more reliable network can help businesses improve their customer experience, which can lead to increased revenue. With faster data transfer speeds, businesses can complete transactions faster, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Boost Employee Productivity

A fast and reliable network can improve employee productivity by providing access to data and applications quickly. This can reduce downtime and increase efficiency, leading to a more productive workforce.

Enhance Company Efficiency

A faster, more secure enterprise network can streamline business operations and improve efficiency. With faster data transfer speeds, businesses can complete tasks more quickly, freeing up time and resources for other critical business operations.

FS Enterprise Network Solution Helps Future-Proof Your Business

The FS Medium and Large Campus Wireless Network Solution offers businesses a range of benefits that can help future-proof their operations.

Sufficient Bandwidth

The solution provides businesses with sufficient bandwidth to handle the demands of data-intensive applications and multiple devices. This ensures that the SMB network can handle increased traffic without slowing down or becoming unstable. With FS AP-N515, wireless bandwidth is greatly improved. FS wireless LAN controller AC-224AP ensures fair bandwidth allocation among all clients for smooth network experiences with load balancing. Thus, video conferencing and HD video are smoother, speeding up information communication and improving staff efficiency.

Easy Operation and Management

The solution is easy to operate and manage, with FS Airware Cloud Management, which allows businesses to monitor and manage their networks efficiently. This can quickly resolve network issues, alleviate the difficulty of operation and management, and improve efficiency. In addition, it reduces the need for dedicated IT staff, saving businesses time and money.

High Security and Stability

The solution uses various security protocols and policies to ensure the switch network security, prevent attacks, and maintain continuous network stability through hardware redundancy. Both S5860-20SQ and S5860-24XB-U support QoS, IGMP Snooping, Link Aggregation, IPv6, L3 Static Routing, RIP, OSPF, and advanced routing protocol (BGP/ISIS) to ensure that the SMB network remains stable even under heavy loads. This reduces the risk of downtime, which can be costly for businesses.


Building a faster, more secure enterprise network is no longer an option but a necessity for businesses that want to succeed in today's technology-driven world. FS Medium and Large Campus Wireless Network Solution helps businesses improve their customer experience, boost employee productivity, enhance company efficiency, and increase revenue so that they can stay ahead of the competition.

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