FS Latest Mini Visual Fault Locators Facilitate Quicker and Safer Fiber Detection Over Long Distances

Updated on Mar 26, 2022

July 26th, FS News - FS just launches the new mini visual fault locator series: FVFL-301, FVFL-302, and FVFL-303, adding them to the FS fiber testing product line. These self-innovated visual fault locators are the perfect tools to handle fault location with longer detected cable lengths and in a safer operating procedure.

Humane Design, Operate With Security

The new series of fault locators are specially designed for the sake of potential hazards to the eyes. To prevent unintended unlocking, they follow a specific routine to turn on the light. This procedure makes sure the fault locators cannot be started up when the operator presses the button by mistake.

Long-Distance Detection With Enhanced Quality

FVFL visual fault locators feature high-quality chips to offer a stable and powerful light source and longer-distance detection. The three can be operated in either continuous wave (CW) mode or in pulse modulation mode and the dynamic distance of FVFL-303 can be up to 15km.

Universal Replaceable 2.5mm Adapter for SC, ST, and FC Connectors

Cables with SC, ST, and FC connectors can utilize these series of visual fault locators. The replaceable zirconia ceramic core improves the lifetime and reliability of the fault locators.

The FVFL-301, FVFL-302, and FVFL-303 Visual Fault Locators are available starting today from FS U.S. warehouse. Further information can be found here: https://www.fs.com/c/visual-fault-locators-33

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