Introducing the Advanced License of Enterprise Switches

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In today's rapidly evolving technological environment, customers have increasingly complex requirements for switch functionality. Enterprise network switches with an advanced license can support a wide range of advanced features. By simply acquiring the corresponding advanced license, customers can meet their demands for higher functionality in next-generation enterprise networks, data centers, and metropolitan area Ethernet solutions.

Basic Information about Advanced License

An advanced license is a type of high-level software license, which is not a tangible product but a software package. This advanced software license supports multiple advanced features such as MPLS, LDP, MPLS L2VPN, MPLS L3VPN, VXLAN-BGP-EVPN, IPFIX, etc.

advanced license of enterprise switch

  • MPLS: Multiprotocol Label Switching is a protocol used in IP backbone networks to facilitate high-speed forwarding of data packets by using labels as guidance.

  • LDP: Label Distribution Protocol is a primary protocol in the MPLS system. In an MPLS network, two Label Switching Routers (LSRs) must agree on the labels used for forwarding traffic between them or through them. LDP is used to build and maintain the Label Switched Paths (LSPs) used to forward traffic across the MPLS network.

  • MPLS L2VPN: MPLS L2VPN provides Layer 2 VPN services based on MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) networks. It allows service providers to offer Layer 2 VPNs based on different data link layers on a unified MPLS network, combining the benefits of IP/MPLS networks with cost savings.

  • MPLS L3VPN: MPLS L3VPN is a Provider Edge (PE)-based L3VPN technology in the service provider VPN solution. It uses BGP to distribute VPN routes in the service provider's backbone network and MPLS to forward VPN traffic across the network. MPLS L3VPN offers flexible network topology, excellent scalability, and support for MPLS QoS and MPLS TE.

  • VXLAN-BGP-EVPN: VXLAN-BGP-EVPN combines EVPN, BGP, and VXLAN. It automatically discovers and establishes tunnels, enabling seamless migration of virtual machines within the data center without impacting users. To learn more, please visit Complete Guide: VXLAN-BGP-EVPN in Enterprise Network.

  • IPFIX: IP Flow Information Export is a standard protocol published by IETF for measuring flow information in networks. It allows clients to easily monitor network traffic entering and exiting nodes.

How to Use These Advanced Functions on Enterprise Switches?

The advanced license is not a physical product, but rather a software package. If you have a need for these advanced functionalities, you can configure the advanced license following the few simple steps:

  • 1. Create UDI for the device and send it to remote FTP server

    configure steps

  • 2. Apply license: send UDI file to the vendor, vendor will generate a license for customer requirement

  • 3. Use license: Get the license to local from remote FTP server, and reload the system.

    configure steps

    Note: You must reload the switch for the license to take effect. If the switch has more than one license, all the features contain by the licenses.

  • 4. Validation: Use the following command to display the information of the license

    configure steps

FS Enterprise Switches with an Advanced License

In FS's switch product line, there are four series of enterprise switches with an advanced license, supporting MPLS and VXLAN-BGP-EVPN functionalities. They are the S5800 series, S5850 series, and S8050 series switches.

S5800 Series

FS S5800 series routing enterprise network switches are high performance 1G/10G switches designed to meet the requirements of next generation enterprise, data center, metro, and HCI (hyper-converged infrastructure) networks. Based on FSOS, the S5800 series delivers performance and robust feature support, such as priority flow control (PFC), explicit congestion notification (ECN), and data center TCP, etc. There are four models of S5800 series switches that support advanced license configuration. They are S5800-48MBQ, S5800-48T4S, S5800-48T4S-PE, S5800-48T4S-DC.

S5850 Series

FS S5850 series enterprise network switches are high performance Ethernet switches to meet next generation metro, data center, enterprise network requirements, which support L2/L3/IPv6/data center/metro features. The S5850 series switches come with complete system software with comprehensive protocols and applications. Many S5850 series enterprise network switches can be equipped with an advanced license. Product list includes S5850-24T16B, S5850-24XMG, S5850-24XMG-U, S5850-32S2Q, S5850-48S6Q, S5850-48S6Q-R, S5850-48S6Q-R-PE, S5850-48S2Q4C, S5850-48T4Q, S5850-48T4Q-PE.

S8050 Series

The S8050-20Q4C is a high-performance enterprise fiber switch to meet next-generation Metro, data center, and enterprise network requirements, which supports L2/L3/IPv6/data center/Metro features.

S8550 Series

FS S8550 series routing enterprise switches are designed on a domestic high-performance switch chip, and competently meets the requirements of Metro, enterprise, data center, and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCl) network. Among the S8550 series switches, S8550-6Q2C supports the advanced license.


If your enterprise network switches are equipped with an advanced license, you can enable advanced functionalities (MPLS, LDP, MPLS L2VPN, MPLS L3VPN, VXLAN-BGP-EVPN, IPFIX) that can provide various application advantages for the device. The FS 5800 series switches can accurately provide these advanced features, offering infinite possibilities for your enterprise network. If you are interested, please visit FS S5800-48F4S MPLS Switch: the Best Mix of Layer 2 and Layer 3.

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