Workplace Trends in 2021: The Adoption of Video Conferencing Benefits Your Remote Work

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Workplace trends underwent a massive shift in the wake of the pandemic. Gone are the days when remote working was one’s prerogative. It has become the need and call of the time. Interestingly, as more and more companies decided to go remote, they began to see even better results with productivity and work efficiency. And if you think this will only last as long as this global emergency, you might want to think again. Experts are now speculating that remote working might be the norm by 2025. With such a dramatic shift in tow, it is inevitable that new technology and ways of communicating surface accordingly.

Video conferencing has been one of the greatest tech interventions resulting directly from the need to telecommute, and the article will elaborate on why.

The Rise of Telecommuting

While the pandemic makes telecommuting an obvious choice, the work-from-home culture has only recently skyrocketed.

Between 2005 and 2017, less than one-third of all workers over the age of 15 could work from home. Of those who did, most were high-end professionals, and only 2% were from the bottom quartile.

The lack of telecommuting in the past decades could be attributed to several factors, including sticky work culture, a lack of appropriate technologies in place, and a lack of interest among the higher-ups.

The pandemic changed that very quickly, with now more than half of the American population shifting to telecommuting.

Indeed, the greatest assistance in making the switch has come from video conferencing tools.

Adopting Video Conferencing: Work from Anywhere

Adopting video conferencing is one workplace trend of 2021 that has turned many people’s dreams of working from their favorite locations into a reality.

No longer bound to office spaces, employees and employers both have the liberty to tune in for work hours while still on the road.

Remote work has thrown a lot of things out of the park. Some of these so-called “mandates” included following a certain dress code or keeping tabs on your work hours.

Instead, companies now focus on the amount of work done daily and ensure greater employee and customer engagement.

This can be a critical point that can make or break their telecommuting venture’s success rate. Once again, a good video conferencing solution can manage that easily for your company.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Vs Voice Calls? Which Is Better?

In all honesty, this should not even be a comparison. The advantages of video conferencing far outweigh those of a simple voice call.

While voice calls eliminate the need for extra pieces such as cameras or headphones, they are very two-dimensional.

In a virtual setting, where distances are inevitable, relying on voice calls exclusively is quite risky.

With video conferences, companies and employees have the chance to make their meetings more interactive, employees and workers more attentive to the short and long-term company goals, and generate more productivity.

A voice call may suffice in a context where simple communication will get the job done. However, as a business, you will frequently need to host complex meetings supplemented with visual and audio aids to break down the concepts.

Video conferencing solutions are equipped with smart features that can cater to complex, multi-host, demonstrative sessions.

Video Conference VS Voice Calls

Here are a few ways video conferencing allows smart operations while teleworking.

The Benefits of Video Conferencing

  • Most video conferencing tools allow businesses to conduct high-end webinars. They come with a full marketing suite, including audience forms, pop-ups, automated reservation confirmations, video recording, etc.

  • Video conferencing tools offer whiteboards and screen sharing to allow presenters to interact with the audience in real-time.

  • The live chat option is another feature that helps multiple members engage in real-time without unnecessary audio interruptions.

  • With video recordings, you do not need to repeat your agenda every time you launch an event. Videos and evergreen webinar recordings make it easier to reproduce interactive engagement sessions in no time.

Video Conferencing Solution for Small and Medium Businesses and Enterprises

Video conferencing has emerged as a must-have solution for small and medium-sized businesses in today’s telecommuting age.

This is because it is a one-stop hub that serves as your workplace management app, webinar hosting platform, and marketing suite.

Hosting live evergreen webinars is now one of the quickest ways for small and medium businesses to gain traction and coverage.

With their multi-layered suite of digital features, video conferencing tools make marketing a breeze for businesses. If you haven’t incorporated the solution in your business and marketing strategy yet, do not wait any longer!

FS offers a range of hi-tech video conferencing cameras and speaker systems designed for rooms of all sizes. This also includes a newly launched series of 4K cameras, some of which come with 16x plus optical and digital zooming capabilities. Dedicated video conferencing devices perform way better than embedded microphones and cameras found in most laptops and cell phones.

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