FS MTP® Cable Product Family for High-speed Data Center Use

Posted on Jul 26, 2023

Data centers are very important now, so we need good and dependable cables more than ever. FS MTP® cable product family enables rapid deployment of high-density links with simple assemblies. MTP® optical fibers optimize cable management, ensuring efficient use of pathway space and significantly reducing installation time and costs.

FS MTP® Cable Products — Versatile and Reliable for Data Center

High-performance Connectors and Fibers

High-quality components are the main advantage of FS MTP® cable family. These MTP® fiber cables use US Conec MTP® connectors, which have several benefits, including low insertion loss, excellent optical performance, space-saving advantages, and compatibility with MPO connectors. And FS MTP® optical cables also use Corning ClearCurve® fiber, which has excellent bend and compression resistance. High-quality connectors and fibers ensure stable and reliable data transmission. By partnering with trusted and reputable brands, FS MTP® cables ensure reliable performance and good user experience.


Excellent Fire Performance

FS MTP® fiber optic cables are also notable for their fire performance, as they comply with Plenum (OFNP) and LSZH standards. OFNP cables have fire resistance and low smoke production characteristics. LSZH cables offer safety advantages by producing less smoke and harmful gases. Different cables conform to different standards, as indicated on their respective detail pages. With their excellent fire performance, FS optical fibers provide users with added safety and peace of mind.

A Complete Set of FHD® Cabling Products

FS MTP® cable family features various types of MTP® fibers such as the MTP® trunk cables, MTP® breakout cables, MTP® PRO trunk cables, and MTP® conversion cables, providing diverse products for you to choose from. In addition, FS also provides a range of plug and play FHD® cable management products, such as FHD® fiber cassettes, fiber panels, fiber enclosures, and so on. When used in conjunction with MTP® cables, these FHD® management products can help achieve high-density cabling in data centers, resulting in more efficient network connectivity.


Explore FS MTP® cable Product Family

FS is able to meet the demand for intelligent and cost-effective fiber optic cabling solutions. Below is a comprehensive overview of the FS MTP® cable product family.

MTP® Trunk Cables

MTP® trunk cables have MTP®/MPO connectors (female/male) at both ends to connect modules as a link. It is ideal for the high-density request—typically accommodating 12, 16, 24, 48, and 72 fibers. Trunk cables are also available in both multimode OM3/OM4/OM5 and single-mode OS2 cable types. The multimode OM3/OM4/OM5 MTP® cables are ideal for short-distance transmissions, while the single-mode OS2 MTP® cables are better suited for long-distance transmissions due to their lower modal dispersion and higher bandwidth compared to OM3/OM4/OM5. Please note that the maximum transmission distances achievable by MTP® fibers depend on the corresponding module used and are listed below.

MAX Transmission Distance OS2 OM3 OM4 OM5
10GBASE-SR(850nm) / 300M 400M 400M
40G SWDM4 / 240M 350M 440M
100G SWDM4 / 75M 100M 150M
QSFP-PIR4-40G 2KM / / /
OSFP800-PLR8-B2 10KM / / /

MTP® Breakout Cables

MTP® breakout cables (aka. harness cables or fanout cables) are terminated with an MTP®/MPO connector on one end and 8/12/16/24 duplex LC/FC/MDC connectors on the other end. Breakout cables can be combined with optical modules, switches, and other devices to finish network upgrades, such as 10G to 40G migration in lower insertion loss and higher performance.

MTP® PRO Trunk Cables

Compared with conventional MTP® patch cords, the MTP® PRO trunk cables feature flexible key and pin switching, allowing users to change polarity using the tool without disassembling the connectors. This user-friendly field tool helps solve polarity problems, saving time and cost. You can refer to our white paper Understanding Fiber Polarity for a completed polarity guide of our products.


MTP® Conversion Cables

MTP® conversion cables have the same fanout design as MTP® breakout cables but differ in fiber counts and types. They are terminated with MTP® connectors on both ends. Specifically, commonly-used ones are 24-fiber to 2×12-fiber, 24-fiber to 3×8-fiber MTP® conversion cables. FS optical fibers offer a range of length options, including 1/3/25/100 meters, etc. And the cable length can be customized.

In conclusion, FS MTP® cable family is a good option for high-speed data center applications. Its extensive array of products, which includes MTP® trunk cables, MTP® breakout cables, MTP® PRO trunk cables, and MTP® conversion cables, can cater to the requirements of data centers. With its exceptional performance, FS MTP® cable product family is a dependable and effective solution for high-density links in data centers.

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