Industrial PoE Switch for Outdoor Applications

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Industrial PoE switches, also known as rugged PoE switches, are designed for demanding industrial environments. With exceptional resistance to dust, grime, moisture, and temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 75℃, these robust devices excel in powering outdoor IP surveillance systems and wireless networks. This article helps you choose the right industrial PoE switches  for outdoor applications.

Industrial PoE Switch in Outdoor IP Surveillance Systems

Outdoor IP monitoring applications using industrial PoE switches include smart city crowd and traffic monitoring, power generation and distribution monitoring, oil field and pipeline monitoring, water plant monitoring, etc.

Figure1 Industrial PoE Switch in Outdoor IP Surveillance Systems

Figure1: Industrial PoE Switch in Outdoor IP Surveillance Systems

The Advantages of Industrial PoE Switch in Outdoor IP Surveillance Applications

  • Simplify wiring: Industrial PoE switches streamline installations by transmitting both data and power through Ethernet cables, reducing the overall number of cables needed and simplifying wiring configurations.

  • Flexibility and scalability: Designed for versatility, industrial-grade PoE switches facilitate easy installations in various environments, enabling users to effortlessly add or relocate devices without the need for extensive rewiring.

  • Reduce costs: The integration of data and power transmission minimizes the requirement for additional wiring and power adapters, resulting in reduced installation and maintenance costs.

  • High weather resistance: Industrial PoE switches exhibit robust environmental resistance, including features like dustproof, waterproof, and temperature-resistant capabilities, suitable for continuous and stable operation in outdoor harsh environments.

  • High reliability: Undergoing stringent durability and stability testing, industrial equipment ensures consistent performance in demanding conditions, such as extreme temperatures, vibrations, and humidity.

  • Remote power supply and control: Through PoE technology, users can remotely power cameras and other devices, while managing and controlling them through the network simultaneously.

  • Enhanced security: Equipped with advanced security features like firewalls, access control lists (ACLs), and virtual local area network (VLAN) configurations, industrial PoE switches contribute to the heightened security of surveillance networks.

  • Emergency response: Certain industrial PoE switches provide the capability to continue power supply during an emergency power outage, ensuring the operation of critical monitoring equipment even in the event of a power outage.

  • High speed and large bandwidth: PoE switches designed for video surveillance support high-speed data transmission and larger bandwidth, ensuring smooth transmission of high-resolution video.

  • Compatibility and Standardization: Compliance with international electronic technology standards, such as IEEE 802.3af/at/bt, ensures compatibility with a variety of devices and simplifies the integration of multi-vendor devices, enhancing overall system interoperability.

Industrial PoE Switch in Outdoor Wireless Applications

The Industrial PoE switch will be a nice choice for outdoor wireless applications, which can provide wireless data connectivity across large-scale outdoor areas for mobile users and remote workers.

The Advantages of Industrial PoE Switch in Outdoor Wireless Applications

  • Simplified Deployment: Industrial PoE switches streamline the deployment of outdoor wireless networks by combining data and power transmission over Ethernet cables, reducing the complexity of installations and minimizing the need for additional power sources.

  • Cost-savings: An industrial PoE Gigabit Ethernet switch can deliver high-speed voice and data transmission while powering PDs within 100 meters. In other words, an industrial PoE switch is beneficial to eliminate the need for additional electrical wiring, power outlets and more, which can save a lot of wiring and power costs.

  • Remote Power Management: Leveraging PoE technology, users can remotely power and manage outdoor wireless devices through a centralized network, simplifying maintenance and control processes.

  • Continuity in Power Supply: Certain industrial PoE switches ensure continued power supply during emergencies, allowing outdoor wireless networks to operate seamlessly even in power outage situations.

  • DIN-rail mounting: DIN-rail mounting simplifies installation by attaching the industrial PoE switch to long metal strips in a rail-mounting system or cabinet rack. This option optimizes cabinet space usage and protects electrical equipment in harsh environments.

  • High Data Transfer Speeds: Tailored for wireless applications, PoE switches support high-speed data transmission, ensuring efficient and rapid communication within outdoor wireless networks.

  • Compatibility and Standardization: Compliance with international standards such as IEEE 802.3af/at/bt ensures compatibility with various wireless devices and promotes standardization, simplifying the integration of devices from different vendors in outdoor wireless setups.

How to Choose the Right Industrial PoE Switch

When selecting an industrial PoE switch for outdoor applications, you should consider not only the specific features of harsh environments PoE switches, but also the network-related parameters.

Supply High-Power PoE to Outdoor Devices

Turning on additional functions like blower or IR of an IP camera in challenging weather conditions can require more power than usual, so it's necessary to use an industrial PoE switch with high power to power that. And make sure that the power budget of your rugged PoE switch can support the power that your PDs require. To know more about PoE standards, please refer to the article: Understanding PoE Standards and PoE Wattage.

Figure2 Smart PoE+ 802.3ataf Support

Figure2: Smart PoE+ 802.3at/af Support

Provide Fast Recovery

For outdoor IP surveillance applications, the harsh environment PoE switch should be equipped with the functions of automatic failure check, ERPS for quick failover recovery to enhance system reliability in harsh factory environments as well as make it easier for the management and maintenance of equipment.

Sound Security Protection

The safety of network connectivity matters in any PoE solution. Therefore, the industrial PoE switch you select must be equipped with a lot of security protection policies, such as SSH, TLS, DHCP Snooping, ACL, etc. to minimize risks.

Network Traffic Types

The network traffic type is the reference base for selecting a managed or unmanaged industrial-grade PoE switch. For example, an unmanaged industrial PoE switch is enough for unicast traffic. However, if data transmission is based on a mix of unicast, multicasts, and broadcast traffic, you should choose a managed industrial-grade PoE switch rather than an unmanaged one. A managed rugged PoE switch will be a great option for outdoor applications as it allows network administrators to monitor the working status of the switch and network running status locally or remotely in real-time.

Network Bandwidth

A harsh environment PoE switch with sufficient network bandwidth can support multiple security cameras for the surveillance system. With sufficient network bandwidth, you can get high-quality images, no need to worry about packet loss even in harsh environments.


Industrial PoE switches play a crucial role in optimizing the efficiency and reliability of outdoor IP monitoring and wireless applications. Their powerful design and diverse advantages make them an important part of the constantly evolving landscape of outdoor network solutions. For more assistance or guidance in selecting the ideal Industrial PoE Switches, please check out FS industrial switches.

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