Italian Information Technology Company Successfully Realizes Data Center Interconnection

“I‘ve changed all the switch infrastructure with FS products and I would like to recommend them. ”

—Giuseppe Dominoni, Cybersecurity Director and CEO


The client company is an Italian company founded in 1994 that provides information technology and infrastructure services. They have a team of 20 staff who deliver customized technology solutions to customers. The client company needs to interconnect two data centers to achieve real-time data synchronization across data centers. During the implementation planning process, they need to address these issues:

  • Data center interconnection requires data transmission through public networks, and network latency must be avoided in case not to affect application response time.

  • A large amount of data needs to be transmitted in data center interconnection, and sufficient bandwidth is required to ensure the stability of high-speed data transmission.

  • Security is a big concern and appropriate security measures need to be taken to ensure data security and privacy.


By addressing the customer's pain points of low bandwidth, high latency, and low security, we have provided them with an efficient and reliable network solution, helping them achieve their business goals.

High-Quality Hardware and Network Policies

A set of switches with excellent performance was selected: NC8200-4TD and N5860-48SC. These FS data center switches are equipped with Broadcom chips, which can help our client improve the speed and stability of the network and effectively reduce network delays. Excellent QOS and PBR strategies have been configured at the software level to further improve the efficiency and performance of the network. Through hardware and software optimization, it helps customers reduce network latency to one-third of the original.

Data Center Interconnection High-Quality Hardware

Efficient Bandwidth Utilization Without Resource Waste

The customer's original network bandwidth and bandwidth utilization were both low, which severely limited the development and expansion of their business. After conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the customer's network and identifying the bottleneck, FS engineers went through several rounds of adjustment and optimization. As a result, the customer's network bandwidth was significantly improved, and the network speed and stability were greatly enhanced. There are no more complaints about business interruptions caused by sudden traffic during peak hours.

Efficient Bandwidth Utilization

Optimize Security Policies to Ensure Network Security

The customer was often harassed by network attacks and malicious behaviors before, which brought great losses to the business. FS engineers found out the security loopholes and risks through analysis, and then set up a series of security policies for the customer. The switches work with the customer's firewall, intrusion detection and other equipment, and therefore some untrusted traffic will be imported to the intrusion detection for traffic cleaning. At the same time, a firewall will be deployed in front of the server to provide secondary protection for the server to ensure only legitimate traffic access to the server, making sure the customer's network is fully protected. In the end, network security has been significantly improved, and security vulnerabilities have been effectively controlled.


By solving issues such as network latency, network security, and bandwidth improvement, our customer's network usage experience is improved, thereby work efficiency and productivity are increased. Additionally, addressing network security concerns can protect the customer's data and privacy, and prevent information leakage and loss. Furthermore, improving bandwidth can help customers better meet their business needs, which subsequently increases the enterprise's revenue and market competitiveness.

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