High-Density 10G to 40G Breakout Cabling Solutions

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As datacom technology migrates from 10GbE to 40GbE and beyond, it is often necessary to connect 40GbE equipment with existing 10GbE equipment. 40G QSFP+ MTP to 4x LC optic breakout cabling solutions are ideal for connecting high speed switches populated with higher rate transceivers QSFP+, CFP CXP, CFP2, etc. to existing 10GbE elements populated with SFP+ modules. 40G QSFP+ breakout panel, as a cost-saving, simple and high-density breakout cabling solution, makes your 40G to 10G breakout cabling more efficient to manage.

How Does 40G QSFP+ MTP to 4x 10G LC Breakout Cabling Work?
40G parallel optics transceivers (40GBASE-SR4) can support 4x10G modes. This feature allows new parallel optics active equipment being compatible with existing 10G transceivers. Parallel optics 40GBASE-SR4 uses 8 out of 12 MPO/MTP interface fibers transmitting 4 x duplex (DX) channels (4 x transmit and 4 x receive). The QSFP+ MTP to 4x LC breakout cable (as shown below) uses a pinless MTP connector on one end for interfacing with the QSFP port on the switch. The other end contains 4 duplex LC connectors, which provide connectivity to the SFP+ ports on the switch. Thus higher-speed equipment (40G QSFP+) can be connected to slower-speed equipment (10G SFP+) successfully.

MTP-LC breakout panel

What Is 40G QSFP+ Breakout Panel?
As shown in the picture below, the high density 40G QSFP+ breakout panel has 48 duplex LC ports front and 12 MTP Elite rear ports. It is designed to connect 40G QSFP ports with MTP fiber cable to the back of the panel and then this breaks out as 48x10GE on the front with LC fiber cable. As mentioned above, every 40G QSFP+ transceiver is connected to 4 SFP+ transceiver via 4 duplex LC connectors. Therefore, to makes 40G connect to 10G more simple and stable, our 40G QSFP+ breakout panel logically groups the ports in 4 duplex LC ports as you can see in the following picture.

MTP-LC breakout patch panel

What Can 40G QSFP+ Breakout Panel Achieve?
The high-density 40G QSFP+ breakout panel is mainly used in 40G interconnect network hardware. With 12 QSFP+ MTP Elite rear ports and 48 SFP+ duplex LC ports front offered, 12x40G multimode QSFP+ MTP connections from the trunk cables easily breaks out as 48X10G LC connections. Therefore, it achieves 480G transmission in only one 1RU patch panel and since the panels can be located in the same rack as the switches or closer to the network elements, it eliminates additional connections and you can then get the fastest bandwidth and greater connectivity in the space. Most importantly, the 40G QSFP+ breakout panel simplifies your high performance cable routing in a finished, professional manner and provides increased cable capacity in less rack space. Really a high-density cable management solution!

  • 10G to 40G Multimode Breakout Cabling Solution

40G QSFP+ MTP to 4x LC breakout panel solution

Order Information

Item Number FS P/N Description
1 QSFP-SR4-40G 40GBASE-SR4 QSFP+ 850nm 150m MPO Transceiver for MMF
2 FS12OM3-2MTP-x 12 Fibers 10G OM3 12 Strands MTP Trunk Cable 3.0mm LSZH/Riser
FS12OM4-2MTP-x 12 Fibers 10G OM4 12 Strands MTP Trunk Cable 3.0mm LSZH/Riser
HD-QSFP-OM4-12MTP/LC 40GB QSFP+ Breakout Panel 12xMTP Elite to 48xDuplex LC 10G OM4 96 Ports
4 OM3-LC-LC-DX-FS LC-LC 10G 50/125 OM3 Duplex Multimode PVC/LSZH/OFNP Fiber Patch Cable
OM4-LC-LC-DX-FS LC-LC 10G 50/125 OM4 Duplex Multimode PVC/LSZH/OFNP Fiber Patch Cable
5 SFP-10GSR-85 10GBASE-SR SFP+ 850nm 300m DOM Transceiver


  • 10G to 40G Single-mode Breakout Cabling Solution

10G to 40G QSFP+ MTP Single-mode Breakout Cabling

Order Information

Item Number FS P/N Description
1 FS12SM-2MTP-x 12 Fibers Single-Mode 12 Strands MTP Trunk Cable 3.0mm LSZH/Riser
2 HD-QSFP-SM-12MTP/LC 40GB QSFP+ Breakout Panel 12xMTP Elite to 48xDuplex LC SMF 96 Ports
3 SM-LCU-LCU-DX-FS LC-LC 10G 9/125 OS2 Duplex Single-Mode PVC/LSZH/OFNP Fiber Patch Cable
4 SFP-10GLR-31 10GBASE-LR SFP+ 1310nm 10km DOM Transceiver
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