Enhancing Data Center Performance with MTP®/MPO Fiber Cables

Posted on Oct 31, 2023

One key component that can significantly enhance data center performance is the use of MTP®/MPO fiber cables. In this article, we will explore the benefits of MTP®/MPO fiber cables in optimizing data center performance and how they contribute to the success of businesses.

Pre-terminated MTP®/MPO Fiber Cables Improved Data Center Operational Efficiency

Multi-channel Connectors Simplified High-density Cabling

MTP®/MPO fiber cables utilize multi-channel, high-fiber-count connectors where multiple fiber channels (typically 12 or 24) are integrated into a single connector. This high-density MTP®/MPO connector allows for transmitting more fibers within the same space, resulting in higher cabling density. It reduces the number of physical connectors required, simplifies the cabling infrastructure, and makes data center cabling more compact and organized.

Quick Plug-and-Play Save Installation Time

The pre-terminated MTP®/MPO fiber cables are designed for quick plug-and-play operations. In data centers, where frequent equipment connections and adjustments are necessary, using MTP®/MPO fiber cables greatly simplifies the process. They provide fast and reliable fiber connections, reducing the time required for plug-ins and minimizing downtime during maintenance.

Modular Design Simplified Management

The pre-terminated MTP®/MPO fiber cables make fiber management easier. With their pre-assembled design and modular structure, administrators can easily manage and maintain fiber connections. The modular design facilitates easy addition, replacement, and reconfiguration of fibers, reducing difficulties and errors during maintenance.

MTP®/MPO Harnesses Reduced the Cost of Data Center Upgrade

Multi-channel Connectors Reducing Hardware and Wiring Costs

MTP®/MPO harnesses utilize multi-channel, high-fiber-count connectors where multiple fiber channels (typically 12 or 24) are integrated into a single MTP®/MPO connector. Compared with the traditional single-channel fiber cables, MTP®/MPO harnesses can transmit more optical fibers in the same space and realize high-density wiring. This means that fewer physical connectors and optical fibers can be used in the data center upgrade, thus reducing hardware and wiring costs.

Breakout Cables Design Reducing the Cost of Upgrading and Maintenance

MTP®/MPO harnesses can transmit signals to different devices or panels by breakout cables, which is convenient for upgrading and replacing devices. This flexible breakout cable design enables the data center to make rapid configuration changes as required, without rewiring or replacing a large number of fiber cables, thus reducing the cost of upgrading and maintenance.

Enhancing Data Center Performance

The Floating Ferrule of MTP®/MPO Connectors Guaranteed Stable Transmission of Data Center

Floating Ferrule Ensure Precise alignment

The floating ferrule design allows for precise alignment between the fibers in the MTP®/MPO connectors. As the ferrule can move, it can self-adjust and align with the corresponding fibers in the mating connector. This ensures accurate and reliable fiber alignment, minimizing insertion loss and maximizing the performance of the optical link.

Floating Ferrule Provides Mating Tolerance

Mating tolerance means it can accommodate slight variances in the alignment of the mating connectors. This tolerance compensates for minor misalignments or axial offsets, ensuring a stable connection even if the connectors are not perfectly aligned. It reduces the risk of signal loss or degradation due to misalignment during mating.

Floating Ferrule Reduces Stress on the Fibers

When mating connectors, the floating ferrule absorbs the axial forces and allows for a slight movement, which helps to minimize the risk of fiber damage or breakage. This is particularly important in high-density applications where multiple fibers are tightly packed, as it helps maintain the integrity and longevity of fiber connections.

MTP®/MPO Fiber Cable is the Choice of 400/800G High Speed for the Future

MTP®/MPO connectors can transmit multiple optical fiber signals at the same time through its multi-fiber core structure, providing higher bandwidth and transmission rate. Therefore, when connecting 400/800G modules, MTP®/MPO fiber cables are usually used. In addition, MTP®/MPO connectors meet the relevant optical fiber standards, ensuring compatibility and interoperability. It can be connected with various 400/800G modules and devices, providing reliable signal transmission and stable connection performance. For example, 16 fibers MTP® trunk cable is designed for 400G QSFP-DD SR8, 800G QSFP-DD/OSFP DR8 and 800G OSFP XDR8 optics direct connection and supporting 400/800G transmission for Hyperscale Data Center.

Enhancing Data Center Performance


To enhance data center performance, consider exploring MTP®/MPO fiber cable options and leveraging their benefits. By adopting these advanced fiber cables, data center operators can boost their data center's capabilities, improve overall efficiency, and provide a solid foundation to support the evolving demands of businesses in the digital age.

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